Meet Eddie: Director of Operations at Aden Logistics

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| Monday, April 1, 2024

πŸ•’ Time with Us: 2 Β½ Years

A Legacy in Transportation:

Coming from a family deeply rooted in transportation since the early 80s, Eddie’s path to logistics was almost predestined. His standout moment at Aden? Being recognized in Inc’s 5000 for the company’s impressive growth.

Unpredictable Yet Impactful Days:

Eddie’s typical day at Aden is anything but routine. From leading and coaching his team to tackling operational challenges, his days are diverse and dynamic, always focusing on aligning efforts to surpass goals.

Leadership and Collaboration:

For Eddie, leadership is key, and he embraces a servant leadership style, where he supports and empowers his team. This approach not only fosters a strong team dynamic but also drives collective success.

A Positive Work Culture:

Eddie describes the culture at Aden Logistics as positive and learning-oriented. Mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth, creating a supportive and progressive environment.

Professional and Personal Growth:

Eddie credits his time at Aden for significant growth both professionally and personally, learning from a talented team and contributing his expertise.

Life Beyond Logistics:

Outside of work, Eddie’s passions include his love for horses, quality time with family, attending his kids’ soccer games, fishing, and golf. These activities reflect his well-rounded personality and love for the outdoors.

Exciting Future Prospects:

Looking ahead, Eddie is enthusiastic about the new mindset and goals of the leadership team, aiming to achieve ambitious revenue and margin targets for 2024.

Advice for Aspiring Logistics Professionals:

Eddie advises those new to the logistics field to keep their egos in check and commit to learning something new every day, underscoring the importance of continual growth and humility

About Aden

Aden Logistics, Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive logistics solutions, specializing in both temperature-controlled and dry freight transport across North America. With a commitment to innovation, Aden Logistics integrates advanced technology to enhance the efficiency and reliability of its expansive network. The company serves a diverse client base, operating from multiple strategic locations with a dedicated team of logistics professionals. Headquartered in Montgomery, New York, USA, Aden Logistics is your proactive partner in logistics, addressing your needs with precision and a positive approach. For more information, visit, and stay connected with Aden Logistics on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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