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Three trucks facing forward outside of a warehouse loading dock with a red awning.
  • ViktorANT

    Auto Net Trans Inc

    Good start, positive impression

    Booked the load, got loaded fast within 45 minutes, delivered next day 30 minutes ahead of appointment time, were detained at the receiver for 5 hours. The sales rep involved entire team upon request for detention and it was paid immediately without stupid bureaucratic excuses as the updated were provided throughout the duration of the load delivery. Looking forward to doing business with Aden in the future.

  • John BZ

    Bz Express Inc

    People of word in Aden, 10/10!

    Worked with Eva and Katty, they finished their part of the deal without any questions or hesitation. Everything was as planned, strongly recommend to work with Aden!

  • Florcita

    Florcita Trucking

    Absolute pleasure to do business with

    Working with this broker was an absolute pleasure. Their level of professionalism and communication with ease made hauling their load a smooth process. Aaron was extremely easy to get a hold of and on top of his job every step of the way. I would take their Freight over another broker if had to choose between two.

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