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Positive Prompt Proactive

Our customers count on us because they know we are a reliable and responsive logistics team who get the job done. See how our company can improve your workday and streamline your logistics processes.

Your go-to option when you need real trucks and practical solutions.

Temperature Controlled

Food producers and distributors trust us to deliver their fresh and frozen products 24/7 365.

Dry Freight

We provide efficient and reliable van, truck, expedited and intermodal services.


Our specialized flatbed teams have a range of commodity specific experience available to you.


Our drayage teams can handle any import, export and rail drayage needs at all major terminals.

Dry Bulk

Our dry bulk team is specialized in moving salt, aggregates, fertilizer and agricultural commodities.


We build specialized teams and equipment around contract needs, providing dedicated transportation services in any mode and capacity.

Who We Are

Aden Logistics is an established logistics provider built on strong, working relationships with our shipper and carrier partners. We connect with our partners to understand and align purposes, creating strategic solutions that leverage our combined strengths. 

Our core values, Positive, Prompt, and Pro-activeness, drive our business decisions and activities ensuring a high level of service that our partners can rely on.

Positive - Prompt - Proactive

We Provide Service-First Logistics Solutions In The US and Canada

Our main office is located in Montgomery, New York. We also have multiple locations and teams across North and South America as well as Europe. We provide a 24/7, always-on team for the best customer experience. You can reach us anytime!

Your Go-To Option When You Need
Real Trucks and Practical Solutions


Visibility with prompt personal updates from real people

You need to know where your freight is and when it will be delivered. Here you get personal service from your single point of contact in Aden. When your load is on our truck, we are working alongside you to make sure we all get the mission accomplished together and move on to the next one. Failure is not an option for Aden.

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Long Term Proactive Business Partners

We are not just looking for a spot market opportunity. We are looking to service your business for years to come as your transportation partner. At the core of our business is to emphasize to our drivers repeat loads and steady service . Our carriers operate on your lanes weekly and need to feed their family with your loads. Load our trucks and you will see the difference.


Our Positive People Make the Difference For you

Our Account Managers and your single point of contact have a vested interest in our relationship with you. Your business is their business, and you can expect it to show in the level of service you get from us.

Our Clients