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At Aden Logistics, our flatbed teams are experts in open-deck transport, providing knowledge and understanding of various freight types and equipment requirements to move your freight safely and in a timely manner.

As a customer, we will provide you with a dedicated team and ccustomized solutions that focus on your business needs and the specific requirements of your business. Regardless of your shipping volume, we scale our team and systems around your needs. Doing business with Aden means that you will have a 24/7/365 dedicated team managing every aspect of your account from quote to completion! Our goal is to provide nothing short of world-class logistics service to our customers, earning and retaining business for the long term and achieving cost savings strategies.

Flatbed & Stepdeck

With a wide range of products hauled on open-deck trailers, we have the knowledge and experience to understand your freight type and coordinate equipment and drivers with the proper skills to load, secure, and deliver your cargo safely and in a timely manner. Steel and aluminum of all types, building materials, machinery, agricultural products, rock products, pipe, structures, and concrete cast products are just some of the many products that we haul. When it comes to load securement, there is a wide variety of equipment needed depending on the cargo. Our experts will ensure trucks are properly equipped for the job at hand. For loads that require tarping and protection from the elements, we have drivers who are equipped to handle that. In the open deck category, available configurations include: standard flatbed, stepdeck, and conestoga, as well as 48 and 53 lengths.

RGN & Double Drop

Removable gooseneck (RGN) and double drop trailers are used to move a variety of goods that either need to drive on or require extra height. These trailers are specified by deck height (typically 24") and well space (typically 29'), as well as their tonnage capacity. Many RGN rigs have multiple axles and are set up to move heavy loads. The standard configuration would be a 5-axle (GVRW 80,000 lb), and they can go up to a 13-axle (GVRW 250,000 lb). RGNs can also be extendable (typically up to 59') to carry long items such as tanks or gensets.

Hotshot & Straight Truck

Hotshot rigs are light-duty flatbeds that can transport small loads that would not require a 5-axle setup. These trailers are typically pulled by a Class 5 or 6 truck, and their GVRW capacity is typically 18,000 to 36,000 lb. While straight trucks have a similar carrying capacity, the advantage of using these types of trucks can be availability and maneuverability when accessing tight delivery locations such as residential or city-type destinations.

Project Logistics

Aden Logistics has the experience and team members to plan and coordinate project logistics for a wide range of cargo types. We can also arrange storage yards, loading service, and crane service to accommodate staging of projects of all sizes from 1 load to hundreds of loads.

Tracking & Technology

Specific to your business requirements, we will provide tracking updates as needed. We can integrate our technology platform through EDI or API to your portal systems. To track delivery progress, we use a combination of digital GPS tracking and our 24/7 tracking team, who manually monitor movement and progress. Depending on your requirements, we may update you with simple email, SMS, or phone updates or through automatic updates through integration to your portal.

Crane & Forklift Service

We offer crane services as well as forklift or loader services to accommodate the loading or unloading of freight, depending on the cargo weight and type. Allowing us to handle this aspect of the shipment can save you significant time and coordination, as well as liability.

High Value Cargo Protection

Standard Motor Carrier Cargo insurance is $100,000 per truckload shipment. Aden Logistics offers additional high-value cargo coverage on full truckload up to $2 million cargo per FTL shipment. We are ready and prepared to handle any high-value shipment you need moved.

Other Services

Other services that we offer include Cross-Docking, Short-Term Storage and Load Consolidations, Drop Trailers, Crating and Palletizing, Power Only, Drayage, and Port Services.

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